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  1. Introduction
  2. Report
  3. Model
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Chapter 4 of the report documents the modelling of the Basic Autonomous Control System (B-ACS) software controller for Connected Places Catapult’s1 self-driving pod prototype. The chapter provides a detailed description of the system and its components, the development and structure of the RoboChart model, and verification of some of the basic properties of the system using RoboChart.

Report (download)

Model (download)

Key compoents of the model discussed in report are shown below. The complete model is available here.


The B-ACS work has been done as part of the CAVlab project in 2017-2018. The team involved includes Dave Barnett, Servando German Serrano, Ujjar Bhandari, Nastaran Shatti, and Alan Peters. Zeyn Saigol is proposing and developing the B-ACS work as a suitable autonomy verification case study.

  1. Formerly, Transport Systems Catapult. 

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