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MarxBot: RoboSim Physical Model


This report documents the RoboSim Physical Model of the MarxBot. The model was developed based on the paper “The marXbot, a miniature mobile robot opening new perspectives for the collective-robotic research” published here. The model is available for download here.

RoboSim Model

We have modelled three modules of the MarxBot, which are composed to form the robot.

The base module uses a Treel p-model to avoid duplication.

The Range and Bearings module uses indexed containment relations to avoid duplication as well.

Finally, the Rotating Scanner module defines a separate p-model for the long range infrared sensor, and composes it using indexed containments to include four copies in the p-model.

Tool information

This model was created using the RoboSim Physical Modelling Graphical Editor version

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