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ASE 2023 - Tutorial on Social, Legal, Ethical, Empathetic and Cultural Requirements: from Elicitation to Verification

On the 15 of September, colleagues Sinem Getir Yaman, Ana Cavalcanti, Radu Calinescu, and Beverly Townsend, from the UKRI TAS Node on Resilience, will be holding a tutorial on “Social, Legal, Ethical, Empathetic and Cultural Requirements: from Elicitation to Verification” at the 38th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2023).

Abstract: A new class of requirements is of growing importance for many software systems. In applications ranging from assistive care to emergency management, software systems perform operations and make decisions that must comply with the social, legal, ethical, empathetic and cultural (SLEEC) norms of their users. For example, the control software of an assistive-care robot must consider its users’ well-being, privacy and autonomy needs. As another example, a software personal assistant must exhibit cultural sensitivity when addressing its users, and must seek user consent prior to sharing certain types of personal information. In this tutorial, we will present a tool-supported methodology for the elicitation, formalisation, consistency validation, and verification of these SLEEC requirements, using interactive exercises to demonstrate its application to software systems from domains such as assistive care and emergency management.

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