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Below you can find a list of tools developed in the context of the RoboStar research projects, namely RoboTool and Isabelle/UTP.


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RoboTool supports graphical modelling, validation, and automatic generation of mathematical definitions for proof of properties of RoboChart models, with proof automated using model checking. The RoboChart notation is distinctive in its features that support architectural modelling as well as timed constructs in state machines.


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Hoare and He’s Unifying Theories of Programming is a framework for construction of denotational semantic meta-models for a variety of programming languages based on an alphabetised relational calculus. Isabelle/UTP is an implementation of their framework based in Isabelle/HOL. It can be used to formalise semantic building blocks for programming language paradigms (based on UTP theories), prove algebraic laws of programming, and then use these laws to construct program verification tools.

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