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SRanger: RoboSim Software and Physical Model


This page documents the RoboSim Physical Model of the SRanger example. The model is available for download here.

RoboSim Model

The model include a p-model, a d-model and the platform mapping that connects them. The used elements of the RoboSim library are also shown.

Tool information

This model was created using the RoboSim Physical Modelling Graphical Editor version 3.0.0.

The CyPhyCircus model our RoboSim Physical models can be generated using a combination of the CyPhyCircus Generator, which produces the process algebraic component of the model and the robosim-solver, which calculates the continuous component. Currently, these need to be integrated by hand, but the CyPhyCircus generator is being extended to execute the robosim-solver internally and to incorporate its results into the complete hybrid model. The document robosim-solver-manual gives a brief overview of the tool and step by step instructions of how to use it.

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